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Texts on Philosophy!

Biological phases of life and profissional fases of life?

Biological phases of life and profissional fases of life? -

acordding to RES - my contributions

March 14, 2020

translated by Giulia Naccarato

a) Biological phases of life

• Childhood

• Adolescence

• Adult life

• Oldness

b) Profissional phases of life

• Child

• Training

• Job - profession

• Retirement

c) Spiritual phases of life

• Innocence

• Explosion

• Achievement

• Maturity

COVID-19 Translation by RES of the poem “Blanco" by Octávio Paz


Translation by RES of the poem “Blanco" by Octávio Paz

March 21st 2020

Absolute reinvention of a poem by Octávio Paz!

Poem reviewed by Res in March 23rd 2020

Translated from a possible and impossible reading by Ana Mohallem

June 17th 2020

The beginning, the donkey and the Hungry seed The

word skewed in the tongue, unheard-of, not-hearable,

Odd, Pregnant,

Null, ageless and profaned

Maculated with ripped off eyes Innocent,

Promiscuous, the Enticed Speechless word topples

and stands up

Francis Bacon’s skylight

The language occupation on Ipiranga 908 Beneath

the skin the prejudice, Beneath prejudice

a Surviving lamp throb amidst the garret’s turmoils, in

the absence of foliage a twisted copper stalk rises to

brightness. Support for kidnapped realities.

The rejected: that which rejects itself. The intimidated

impaled shaved head snorting crack

sticks a wood piece in the imaginary ground of his

whimsy territory

A paper sunflower sets fire during the night Over a

vast void in the palm of the fictionalised hand friction

in the middle of the night, nor calculated, or


Forgetful yellowish path, the mouth is

A foul goblet chewing the consonants and squishing

the vowels, vomiting the stomachic fire

at the wall, at the belly is the dream that never was

In the copper strings’ bonfire, the childhood floats

your shadow and mine

You get deepened and tied by the smoke

An afire toothless mouth a girl stuck in solid iron

gates, naked

the passion of the compassionate ember evokes the

guardians of fire

a girl thrown in the fire circle, dances over forbidden


At night the heads open up

Dried saliva is pulsing

(a great wall of wet syllable)

Without saying a word

Darkens my boundaries

A language omen

THE SPRINGS of me blowed up the weir breaches:

my house on fire, eroded Letters on the table.

holy water and ember

in brasil’s chest the ground

I am dust from that dirt

River of leeches

River of bloodthirsty stories

Barren river: the mouth of a gagged spring

By the anonymous evoking of the bones

By the scowling stone of the centuries

Language itself is an atonement, immured sacrifice

day after day I unknowingly sign for something:


I speak even though I’m aware that my speech is

speechless. polishing bones and whetting silences,

digging shafts in its body

a country of barks

to get into you is impossible

a country of fastened eyes

to get into myself by getting into your body I come

out leaked out

a country of sailing mirrors

By the mirror I pierce myself so not to be a narcissist,

so not to see the face, but the other side.

I come out of my own eyes

and lose sight of myself

Inside a vertigo wagon I go through what is left of the

river of unburied bodies


Reptile, I empty a van in the middle of the night, I

throw away everything that isn’t mine

Forcefully, I eradicate part of myself

Against my own will

A pool of blood, mine

Noise from the genealogies lost in the city

I cast an unknown archeology

Albeit I am now powerless, I go on. At this point I

create a way to go on even though it doesn’t exist!

Subject or not, now I must exorcise myself, even if I

am crawling

Even if I am at the basement

I need to sacrifice my world, for it is killing - without

that I will never see the other side.

I will be condemned to be at movement

— tied to the creation of what I see

and what I see never really is

the perception of myself has degenerated a long time


I am at the gutter of being as a divine creation I am a

scarecrow of the creation,

I must abandon creation and place myself far from

what I see.

From the embodied yellow from what I don’t own I

shall produce my tough nut to crack: calcined

language, I have to goad myself till the blooming of a

hull that will make me sail on the thorn-full


the pinkish vultures peek at me

they don’t have a body nor a face

and wish to devour mi sowl

they’re everywhere

even if I wriggle out they squash me against a wall

that I have built myself to take refuge I pluck out

hollow and unnecessary words until only the spine of

what I want to say remains

Saying it is not, it is an urge

for the decolonisation of my soul.

I must get rid of Octávio Paz

to insert myself in me.

I must re-create a way for myself to be me

Either I do this, or I will rot

With no drums, no music,

I’ve got to hear the secret chant of my entrails.

Fuck it if the sky gets darker,

whatever, I need to breathe amid the soot.

Exhausted, I am falling,

the mist moves in on me,

Rusty doors grind

I get a punch in the head

I soak my white shirt in blood.

I try to install myself in place where no one has ever

installed itself

intersected truth.

half-naked, my word howls

between a punch and a kick in the mouth,

I insist with my life. I insist for real, I drag my body

aiming for the door,

seeds snap inside my pocket.

moths fly from my snotty nose

I attempt to grab my writing from

where there was only madness and misery

a creeping bird alludes to flying

I steal a sentence - push myself to throw

away the rest of the poem that wasn’t mine, as

beautiful as it was.

I got rid of what wasn’t mine,

of beautiful sentences, now it’s only me and myself,

like this, “catalogue”, I will have to finish

what I’ve started so early today,

I’ve insisted in translating something that wasn’t


in an mind-boggling attempt to fall into myself, but in

myself, what is me,

am I something without myself? —

without me, who am I? Tired,

exhausted, lost and with hands inside the pockets,


maybe that’s the one chance

I’ll have of remembering what I am here for

doing this thing that is writing,

in a state of complete nullity,

of sacrificing hours of work,

maybe only through this I can go ahead with myself,

with the other, with what I really wanted

a poem from another beyond myself.

My hands hurt.

I shall stop so I am able to continue.

I shall speak so I don’t speak a speechless speech.

And obviously aby warburg couldn’t be on this...

And obviously aby warburg couldn’t be on this (previous) list because it would be unfair to him, he deserves a chapter just for him

Res, March 25, 2020

Translated by Giulia Naccarato

1. Black art - paved the way in a sense

2. Advanced all Hans Belting - with much more strength and depth

(advanced all the problems of the end of Western art history, told from a

Western only point of view)

3. Overcame Panofsky

4. Overcame Cassirer

5. Overcame Grombrich

6. Revealed to us Aboriginal art (hopi) introduced it to the cultured world -

shortened your distance

7. Related art and freud in a powerfull way

8. Destroyed the idea of progress in art in a linear way, that art grows

straight. Development can be set back. Sent backwards.

9. Deeply understood nietzsche

10. Contributed directly to RES' aesthetic thinking, mainly in terms of

inventions of aesthetic tools of "peeping"

11. Contributed to RES' total abandonment of the lack, and the demand for

the recognition of the other (needing recognition of the other to do or live)

12. Contributed to RES' self-exile

13. Without warburg, RES' aesthetic synoptic maps would not be possiblehe

gather together many people in one place, even after his death

14. (Agamben, Calasso, Deleuze and Didi Huberman)

Tools for practical-thinking

Tools for practical-thinking infected by rés

April 7th 2020

Translated by Ana Mohallem

June 20th 2020

1. Diagrams

2. Ordinary relationship with books - no fetish / a books is something to tear off, to destroy, to tape in your notebooks - other ways of reading / don’t be a sucker

for the book / it must be useful

3. Non-french bibliography of Brasil - non-usual

4. Synoptic maps - a further form of reading the world and studying

5. Daily schedule as thinking

6. Forms of organising - complete and non-authoritarian expansion of what organisation means, organisation as a way of obtaining the unexpected - of forcing the access to very hard things.

7. Budget control. Other ways to exist in the world financially. Other forms of capital

8. Logic and analytic philosophy bibliography that is unknown in Brazil. Logical and pragmatic thinking.

9. Library as resistance and guerilla - a meeting ground for disparate things.

10. Daily newspapers and other possibilities for reading.

11. Lists as a daily operational system

12. Collective lists - to disseminate something, not accepting the private world. To be public.

13. Intellectual ambition as a possible place, not reserved for geniuses or scholars. Intellectual ambition as a work tool.

14. Rigor as a possibility - something at reach.

15. Speech: verbal accuracy - oratory

16. Unmask the behind-closed-doors-psychoanalyses - demystification of psychoanalyses as an academic and closed-end method. Psychoanalyses must be lived!

17. Expansion of what art is? The merger of western art and anthropological art

18. Overcoming Duchamp - and to do so, understanding the problem he proposes - what did Urinol really add to art?

19. Overcoming Beuys

20. Interaction between Brazil and the rest of the world.

21. Perceiving what is the latin-american?

22. Discovering a way of doing that is brazilian, i.e., following the collapse of what we understand as MODERNISM. Elon Musk wrecked the world’s automotive industry. He has accelerated our turn to the 21st century. And the collapse of a type of cognition and epistemology.

Some fucking awesome guys

Some fucking awesome guys from an unknown America:

Res, April 13, 2020

Everyone wrote in Spanish.

translated by Giulia Naccarato

1. José Emílio Burucua

2. Juan Felipe Uruena Calderon

3. Fabian Ludueña Romandini

4. Augusto Roa Bastos

5. José Lezama Lima (Cuban)

6. Roberto Juarroz

7. José Francisco Yvars -Spanish (the only one) - Spanish-speaking

European -because of this, he enters in this list

8. César Vallejo

RES’ nocturnal thoughts

RES’ nocturnal thoughts - May 27th, 2020 – Tuesday 

translated by Anna Israel

Stinginess: who doesn’t? It’s absolutely human being stingy and vile. Obviously we don’t have to be that way forever. There are many roads to take, as there are many pathways, many holes – I think nothing is insurmountable. Nothing is a wall so hard that I can’t punch and break through. Scandal of being something, I have to accept taking the risk of being a scandal: that’s precisely what’s being myself (or even better, knocking myself down and being better than myself) – or still, even better, outwitting me and myself, and being; or still, much better, not being the planned version of myself. What they’ve planned for me. Planning, plane, backplane, backdrop, memorable whining, underneath the door, alone, lights off, silence. Distant screams, no paragraph, no lists, no numbering; how am I going to get by now in this dead end, in this tiny space, in this minuscule maneuver field, nano maneuver, so tiny: invisible. On the other hand of myself such a genuine feeling, that I try to rescue, turn audible, fragmented images pass by, crumbs of images, squirms in the space, spasmodic squirms, labyrinth – I’ll find my way, I’ll hit the target, the bob. I don’t give up – a light at the end of the tunnel. Me and my lantern in hand, old, red, I wander around the loopholes of my soul, I wander around the bumpy loopholes of a saying that wants to say soul, but doesn’t “lay” soul. Soul was a given name. A creature. Inside of me there was this other nook that I always wished to enter, but entering would cost me everything, I always knew that, I’d either enter, or I’d give my back to myself, and would follow some other path, no longer mine. So far from taking the decision I am, that I turn against myself. I turn against the impact of the decision, skirting and skirting, I gently remove the fish’s spine , I take off the meaning of the word’s skin, I see her moving about, tasteless desire of being where there I know I lost something essencial, the atmosphere is gone, she’s gone, the fact slipped away, the desire has “cummed” on all of the side of a mirror, against the sun, setback, rural area of one’s body, a wheelchair, a crew member of a vessel with no destination, no right name –a grunt, a whisper, an outline of a smile. The thing, the tin heating up in the fire under a bridge, the improvised shack, … a sanitary station, a black van with illegible letters, a woman wearing a blue apron.

Dawn sets in with a fog, the windows are shut , the eyes are unsettled , my legs wobble in apprehension , the larger my confinement the more expanded is my chest , the organism washes down from time to time , detoxifies itself for a new fase, happenings happen repeatedly and we don’t even notice, until it stops, that is when we are also stopped and only then realize the recurring motion. End. A new beginning. Unclaimed. Prostitutes still work there, even nameless it still generates work, a strange kind of work, odorless, it has lost its smell, wrinkled, … what am I doing here? What am I trying to do here, I’ve been forbidden, I can’t want this at all, I can’t want to say, I can’t want to write, I can’t breathe –all this is forbidden of actually being done, I only pretend I do this : because if I really were to breathe, I’d speak –- my eyes are invaded by the yellow – the fuck I would say that, I’d say for fuck’s sake, I’ll fight, until I’m out of resources. I’ll fight until all of the teeth in my mouth are gone, I’m not giving up on this fight, until I’m toothless and totally unable to live, until I’m knocked down from all the beating “ 

Deleuze and Spivak

Deleuze and Spivak

translated by Anna Israel

June 9th, 2020 

Deleuze was banged in the ass by Spivak in the infirmary, she knocked him up, after she had sex change surgery, twins were born:

Lautreamont and Apollinaire.

What does the word contingent mean Within the Crippled Philosophy by RES? 

Adjustment of the Atelier’s lexicography

Adjustment of the Atelier’s lexicography for the new world, suggested by RES


Translated by Anna Israel

June 9th, 2020  

Instead of disciple, usar the word: technical operator of new technologies of human and digital contact.

Instead of méthodo: technical-virtual learning platform.

Instead of assistance: training.

Instead of master: emotional intelligence instructor.

Instead of having a job: having a highly technological training.

Instead of art: motion of practical life.

Instead of philosophy: basic survival concepts in Latin America’s dystopian and insolvent reality.

Instead of sculpture: graphic design, diagramming, influencer, YouTuber, trend manager, digital content application and digital salesperson and of “e-everything” practices.

Instead of atelier: Multidisciplinary workshop.

Instead of workshop: remote contact spaces – online spaces for multipurpose training.

Instead of face-to-face work: Zoom and home-office.

Instead of RES’ art collectors: collaborators and supporters of immersive and inclusive paschal and political initiatives.

Instead of art gallery: the network with full connection and without prejudice to gender or origin. 




Translated by Anna Israel

June 13th, 2020  

How to solve my life? How to cut some corners in a miserable country in order to have just the slightest bit of culture?

How to be slightly aware of my political situation in the world and existentially and economically warrant it in some manner? 




Translated by Anna Israel

June 13th, 2020  

How am I not going to ease being misunderstood? Being understood erroneously? Perhaps only existing in the best possible way that I can now!

That is: doing myself while doing things! To be – I ought to be being. There’s no recipe to be me, I have to discover myself - discovering me! 

“The main point is to dream a better world..."

“The main point is to dream a better

world. Hope doesn’t require

justifications, a cognitive condition,

foundations, nor any other thing. “


Richard Rorty

Cuidar lá liberdad

Edicão de Eduardo Mendieta

Editorial Trotta

Translated by Ana Mohallem

June 15th 2020


Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 list

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 list (Relations / associations) RES 

translated by Anna Israel

June 16th, 2020  

1. What exactly is a great oeuvre? (characteristics, patterns, goals, what does it respond to? To what is it tied to?)

2. Thinkers who’ve addressed aesthetic issues? Even if indirectly or in a broader manner.

3. Relation between the Fountain and the Brillo Boxes? Duchamp and Warhol?

4. Former oeuvres to this great oeuvre?

5. Ambition assumed by this oeuvre?

6. What am I calling an oeuvre here? 7. What am I calling great?

8. Component that every masterpiece has to: have a renewing device inside of it that keeps on working even after the death of its author. Some sort of auto-corrective virus. A factor that doesn’t allow it to become obsolete, as for instance in Giotti – it’s always up-to-date.

9. Masterpiece: if Nietzsche helped to destroy metaphysics, Wittgenstein also and Heidegger too? Who were the artists that rebooted art (the equivalent to destroying metaphysics in philosophy), unquestionably Duchamp and Warhol. Two key artists in order to understand the twentieth century.

10. Cézanne’s role in this creative destruction scenario? Equivalents?

11. Obviously, if we took Rorty seriously: what would be the artistic panorama considering his ideias applied to art?

12. Nietzsche 1844 - 1900: correspondence in the artistic field? I WOULD SAY ABY WARBURG 1866-1929, and Cézanne as an artist-philosopher: (1839-1906) — I wouldn’t say any artist, just to emphasize how art has lost power or has changed ! Cézanne enters here as a thinker more than a painter. Cézanne’s brutality.

13. Heidegger 1889 - 1976: equivalence in the artistic field — second world war 1939 - 1945 – here, I’d say Joseph Beuys fits well (1921 - 1986) + Francis Bacon (1909 - 1992)

14. Derrida 1930 - 2004: equivalence in the artistic field, with the same magnitude? Deconstructivism – Duchamp and Warhol. Lacan (1901 - 1981), I’d add Lacan as another great artist from this period, together with Derrida, the creator of the “little-a”, I’d add the “little-a” as an art piece –plastic + Warhol 1928 - 1987 (BRILLO BOXES)

15. Wittgenstein 1889 - 1951: artistic equivalence of creative destruction in the art field? The collapse of metaphysics – I’d insert Freud (1956 - 1939) here as an artist – the creator of a fiction. Another narrative. + Duchamp 1887 - 1968 (FOUNTAIN). 

“Our attitude is: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

“Our attitude is: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Continue on using it until you

can think

about another kind of tool



you can do

a better


Richard Rorty.

Translated by Ana Mohallem

June 17th 2020


Book summary: why nations fail

Book summary: why nations fail — the origins of power, prosperity and poverty

February 17, 2020

translated by Giulia Naccarato

1. Differences between North and South Korea

2. Destruction of common sense concepts of why Latin America is

poor: geographic explanation.

3. Anathema

4. Monopolies

5. Radical difference between the wealth of Carlos slim and Bill gates?


6. Sub-Saharan Africa?

7. Situation in Congo?

8. Market economy? X absolutist economy

9. Kim jong un-dictator of North Korea

10. Inclusive economies

11. Sergey Brin

12. State: political centralization

13. JOSEPH schumpeter: concept of Creative destruction

14. Secession

15. Robert michels - Iron oligarchy

16. Kama and Ruth Williams: Botswana (brilliant case)

17. Joseph Stalin - dictator

18. Adam smith: invisible hand

The Cantos - Ezra Pound (CXX)

The Cantos - Ezra Pound (CXX)


Translated by Diguinho

21 06 20

Os Cantos _ Ezra Pound _ Rodrigo Cassia Atallah
Poem to Shiva: Rip Current

Poem to Shiva: Rip Current

RES, March 10th, 2020


translated by Anna Israel

Campos do Jordão, June 19th, 2020 let or to be let gone towards 

a writing that is not here

that doesn’t allow itself being captured

I’m no longer interested in what is allowed. The barrage of what is wanted is now long gone

adrift of wanting, I’m in a melting territory where things unfold themselves as jabs coming from any direction.

Inside of my tamed and planned out shell, a hatcher breaks through

— I’m demilitarized throughout myself 

My lungs filled with water, I hold on to saying when all that says no longer says a single word. I scream! Scream! Scream! I scream to the sea all my love — and the sea thrashes in my ears that loving must be infringing. 

RES contributions to Latin American

Second part of RES contributions to Latin American way of thinking

April 7th, 2020

translated by Giulia Naccarato

1. Cripple philosophy

2. Permanence and repetition

3. Méthodo - Define - a veicule that make available hard stuff to young

people - transmission of something important in a way that is simple. A place to bring together disparate and adverse things, a merger of those things

4. CAC - conglomerate - idea of crisis management - guerrilla strategies and intellectual resistance

5. Master and disciple relationship updated

6. Sustainable autonomy

7. Non-predator thinking - visionary ( income redistribution )

8. Decentralisation of power. Everything is available for everyone. There is no knowledge of RES that isn't available. Everything is at hand.

9. Expansion of the psychoanalytical method. Psychoanalysis as a public space and Freud not as a doctor, but as an artist of a fiction.

Psychoanalysis as an anti-solipsist place

10. Freud: like another way of narrating - another narrative - just this!

11. CAC lexicography

12. Systematic deepening of what is Duchamp and Warhol - their contributions to the plastic phenomenon

13. To definitely understand that art is also a science and has a problem and a purpose. It has his own language. Without knowing this language, there is no way to manipulate it. That is, messing with the grammar (lexicon), at last, your syntax

14. Psychoanalysis as an absolutely no-referencial place

15. History of recent philosophy - understand it well to pass over it like a tractor. Run over the recent philosophy, without kissing up to the French or Germans - doing as wittgenstein did, ignored DELEUZE, Foucault, Derrida, Heidegger and others // Wittgenstein acted in philosophy as if they didn't exist, like they had never existed.

16. Wittgenstein valued unknown philosophers for us like Splenger, for exemple.

Poem for Shiva: Overthrow

Poem for Shiva


Res- 10 March 2020

translated by Sophie Louise

…to throw and be thrown towards a writing which is not present here

which can no longer be seized

what can be seized no longer interests me. my own barriers have abandoned me

at the drift of desiring, I am in destroyed territory where things turn out to be punches coming from every direction.

Within my planned, domestic carcass something shatters in origin—I am demilitarized within.

Lungs full of water, I hold on to words when words no longer say anything. I roar! Roar! And roar! I roar the sea all my love—and the sea thrashes my ears that love must overthrow.

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