The evolution of image through time

A series of seminars by

Conglomerado Atelier do Centro (Brazil)


Each seminar consists of 2 days, 2 hours per day


Every seminar is online

The language spoken in these seminars is portuguese

$300 per seminar

Seminar's Schedule

January: lecture by Anna Israel

February: lecture by Rubens Espírito Santo

March: lecture by Ana Mohallem

April: lecture by Rodrigo Cassia


First seminar to happen ideally on the second half of January


About the Seminars

What is an image? Both for art and as as a production by the eye, physiology and neurology - so, the aesthetic image and the scientific image: how do our eyes work, how vision works? We explore image through the visual arts strictu sensu (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc), in applied aesthetics (architecture for example)  and in philosophy (as in the concept "the care of the self"



Why join these seminars?

  1. To improve your faculty of "seeing" / to develop a "care of the self"

  2. To trace connections between aethetics and the practical life. These seminars will be an introduction to a way of studying that aims to create deep ties between theory and real life, and isn't isolated inside the academy. 

  3. Access to a multidisciplinary bibliography around the subject of image


How it will happen

Through two-days seminars each month, for four months, given by members of the Conglomerado Atelier do Centro, including its founder, the artist Rubens Espírito Santo. Each seminar will approach the main theme through a different perspective and from a specific bibliography - by these the purpose isn't to arrive at a final answer, but to weave a

web around the matter in question. 



Seminar I: Anna Israel / January 2022

"The tenacity of the survivals, their very “power,” as Tylor says, comes to light in the tenuousness of miniscule, superfluous, derisory, or abnormal things. It is in the recurrent symptom, in games, in the pathology of language, and in the unconsciousness of forms that survival as such is to be found." - Georges Didi-Huberman, The Surviving Image


How to think Aby Warburg in the 21st century? What would Aby Warburg betaking into account in his thought construction in this moment of time that we live in? How to think Aby Warburg through Aby Warburg and not as mere spectator, not as an outsider to the problem, that is, how to use Aby Warbuarg to think? In this inaugural lecture we will investigate what supports and what are the practical implications of this that  we call "art history"



Seminar II: RES / February 2022


We will go deeper in the question of what is really an image. What is the "care of self" and how this relates to the image (eye) / vision / beaury. This seminar will investigate the union between aesthetics, science and real life - how aesthetics can have a real impact in our day by day life. 


Seminar III: Ana Mohallem  / March 2022

This seminar will focus in the chemical a physiological aspects of the eye, we will go through the mechanics of vision. How do we create what we see? What are the limitations of the eye as our interface with the world outside ourselves and how can we cope with these insufficiencies? A scientific approach to vision and how this relates to the image. 

Seminar IV: Rodrigo Cassia  / April 2022

Art practice, studio art, the daily life of an artist in his studio. How can a young artist articulate his subjective and objective desires?  What is the relationship between a pressure cooker and art? Why is it important that aesthetics extrapolate the artistic media and joins the daily life? 



Preliminary Bibliography

  1. The Surviving Image; Georges Didi-Huberman

  2. The Birth of Tragedy; Friedrich Nietsche

  3. Visual intelligence - How we Create What We See; Daniel Hoffmann

  4. Documentary: Spaceship Earth, 2020, Dir. Matt Wolf

  5. You Must Change Your Life: On Anthropotechnics; Peter Sloterdijk

  6. After the End of Art; Arthur Danto

  7. Conversas com Francis Bacon; Frank Maubert

  8. Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation; Gilles Deleuze

  9. A Natureza Íntima da Arte; Anna Israel

  10. Pedagogia + Plástica + Filosofia = MTH RES; Rubens Espírito Santo

  11. Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp; Pierre Cabanne

  12. Art and Agency; Alfred Gell

  13. Power of Art; Simon Schama

  14. Art History; Ernst Gombrich

  15. Meditations on a Hobby Horse; Ernst Gombrich

  16. The Felt Hat; Joseph Beuys

  17. The Art of Memory; Frances Yates

  18. El Imperativo Estético; Peter Sloterdijk

  19. Lectures on Aesthetics; Hegel

  20. Magic Mountain; Thomas Mann